Monday, October 27, 2008

Where's My Baby???

Happy 2nd Birthday
*to our sweet little Jack. The big 2 for this kiddo!!! Unfortunately, this momma is too sick to throw the birthday bash that was planned for tonight, so full celebration has been put on hold until friday.

We did, however, have a wonderful weekend. I *made it* through my 2 sessions with relative ease, enjoyed my SPA day immensely, gathered some golden nuggets of wisdom from tried & true moms, the boys had a blast with aunt amber at the children's museum, and john even got to climb with brian in his garage. The only problem was, I was not back to 100% health going into this weekend, and no doubt the good *stress* from preparing mentally & emotionally for the ladies day + being exposed to a whole new set of CT germs + staying up late with amber(there was also a cake disaster in the mix) = sick, sick, sick! (it was kind of like college days...after exam week and going home and the immune system just kind of crashes for awhile). But the one (of many) wonderful things about a husband who works at home is that extra measure of flexibility when mom is down! He had the boys up & rolling with scrambled eggs cooked before I even set foot on the floor! And a huge THANK YOU to Richele, who took Drew for the afternoon and brought *good for the soul* chicken broth that is keeping my mug full and my body warm.

And thanks to all of YOU for all your great comments! It warms my heart to know you stopped by to read the scribbles from this little ol' blogger.


Jaimee said...

Hope you're now on the mend. It's truly frightening how many people are sick at the moment. And today, I woke up with that sore throat, neck gland ache thing...ugh!

Happy Birthday to your little guy too :)

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Man... I shouldn't have called you today because I think I'm catching whatever you had/have =) Oh well. It was worth it.

Happy Birthday Jackers!! Don't even THINK about experimenting with the terrible two stage... I heard your mom is pretty strict =)

Love you and wish you more warm broth and lots of rest my friend!


Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

Hi Jack Jack! I couldn't get on here to wish you a happy day on your special day, but here I am now! I hope you have a great VHC bday party! We love you!