Friday, October 31, 2008

Jack's week, cont.

{ in hospital with jack, 2006}

The nice things about being sick could come in a variety of answers. An excuse for sleeping in. Letting the dishes in the sink go. Lying on the couch for a whole hour. People bringing you dinner. Friends taking the kids to the park. Meals provided for. There certainly are blessings even in the down times! And while enjoying some of these blessings I picked up a book I am almost finished with. This one little thought filled my heart and mind with the moment of my life I want to remember. And since it is Jack's birthday week, it fits here perfectly.

Here's the quote: "The well-worn wicker rocker has become my favorite spot in the house."

Now for Drew, we had the good old glider. I thought it was great. But now, I know better. For Jack, we had some rearranging to do since the nursery would take over John's office and well, hey, let's leave the lazyboy recliner in here for now...and well, let's get a slip cover for it and cover up the blazing orange and burnt red tweed colors, and look, it fits perfectly in this corner. And of course, it's still there, 2 years later. And for that, I am so, so grateful. Not just grateful for my back's sake, but for the wonderful memories that have come with it. I liked doing some things new with my second baby. It kept the memories separate in a way. So I have many, many fond memories of rocking Drew in the glider and now Jack in the recliner. I think rocking them at night is so significant for me because it is where my day really and truly s.t.o.p.s. Nothing else really matters. That is *our* time. Jack knows that he has me completely to himself...and better yet, I have him to myself. We make that connection that might get passed by throughout the day. We are eye to eye. I can just let him babble and tell me his story and I am all his. We usually laugh and always sing. And the ritual always concludes with a great gathering and fidgeting and situating of the elephant, the elephant's blanket(?), getting that thumb, getting wrapped up into a cocoon and looking into momma's eyes. For this moment and for this time, I am so thankful. It puts every single thing in my life into perspective. I love this moment each night.

Jack even played a joke on me the other night. I whispered into his ear, "I love you" nice and slow. And he whispered back, "I...Wuv...OWL!!!!!" And ended with a cackle.

This one, I tell you, is a true
*cracker jack*

Scoop up those moments. Don't let them by. Drink in the love and forever remember how blessed you truly are. Look at those eyes that so lovingly look up to you. And please, don't forget to laugh!

And if you're feeling up to it, please share what your favorite connecting spot & moment is right now!


Debbie Griffin said...

Love the reminder! I needed that today. I forget to enjoy my kids! I get so busy doing things and making sure they are doing right and being trained and I'm not wanting to miss any big issues and...that I forget to just enjoy them! I, too, have a cracker jack of a little girl and we connect in my rocking chair under our down throw! My favorite place with her!

Conleys said...

great post erin! i have been reexamining my commitments lately but one thing i don't regret at all is all the times i have cuddled and/or rocked the kids, or simply just held jonas through a whole nap time, praying for his soul, singing to him, and sometimes just protecting him from big sister. :) we too have gotten a recliner in between the two kids and so that has been where i've fed/rocked jonas. jonas is more 'tactile' and so he always has to grab my hair when i'm feeding or rocking him. he doesn't pull - just has to grab onto something. such precious moments that you feel that weight and blessing of what God has entrusted us with!

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

So so true my friend! Olivia always asks me to sleep with her when I tuck her in at night. I tell her that it isn't time for mommy to go to bed yet since I don't want to start that habit. However, I will lay down with her if it is late and we all happen to be going to bed at the same time. All the lights are out, and I know that the sudden stillness of everyone going to bed at the same time makes it hard for her to really relax. That is a really sweet time when I know that my presence is meaningful to her. It is nice to break the rules and make a moment every once in a while =)

Jaimee said...

How lovely! I'm going to go scoop up my little boy right now and steal some hugs!!!

Matt & Nicki said...

So, can I ask for any tips of how to do this with two in the same room together--and no rocker or recliner. I have been so convicted lately about not enjoying my kids and really loving them as I feel like my whole day is spent disciplining, by the end of the day, I am ready for them to be in bed and sleeping. Any suggestions from anyone would be welcomed.

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Nicki, I would suggest taking advantage of those moments that are already built into your day i.e. dressing, diaper-changing, juice-giving, etc. to make a moment. You could be silly, or just affectionate. A few ideas: Appeal to their imagination. This doesn't have to be elaborate.. Olivia has been climbing in our bed in the middle of the night, and she loves it when I wake up and call her a little birdie that flew in my nest. Make up different kinds of a smoosh kiss or a tricky kiss (where you look like you are going for the cheek, but you end up kissing their forhead). Sometimes I lay my head down on AJ's head (cheek to cheek) after I change his diaper. I just say "I looooooove you!!!" and he thinks it is hilarious. God has been working in my heart about the same thing, and doing little things like that had done wonders in strengthening my relationship with them.

Tammy S. said...

i think that is why God gave us #4.
we didn't realize what we were missing when they were little and suddenly they did not want to cuddle and snuggle as much. we just eat our time up with Karis...and even the other 3. we are always trying to cuddle with them...even Andrew who is almost 10asked me if i would cuddle with him in bed last night!

Erin Neiner said...

Thanks, girls for all the great personal comments & ideas!!

Shannon: whatever you do, don't cut your least until Jonas is out of his stage! :)

Leah: GREAT ideas!!! I have already tried the sneaky kiss with Jack and he was just cackling!!

Nicki: a bit challenging with 2 in the same room! Haven't had to cross that bridge yet. BUT, I would say climb in the bed together, turn out the lights and read a book with a flashlight?

And thank the Lord for grandkids...for when our little one's will be all grown up and we still need some lovin'!!!! :)

skB said...

I don't have babies yet but hopefully someday soon:)

For me, I love cuddling up to Steve when we go to bed and laughing about whatever happened that day. It's a sleepover with my best friend. Every night! And it's all good until he holds me under the covers and lets one rip!!!!


Erin Neiner said...


you're so cute! love it! :)