Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"It's My Kind Of Town..."

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I sure do start to get homesick this time of year. Especially when talking to my mom and hearing their house is decked out with the sentimental decorations that I remember from year to year. But I really felt a pang of homesickness when she told me about a visit to downtown Chicago she and my dad took with the Bryan's. Of course, she had to throw in they stopped at Garrett's to get their famous popcorn; my mouth is watering. Navy Pier now has its own Winter Wonderfest Village decked out to the max. I quote, "The Most Spectacular Holiday Event of the Year Begins its Seventh Magical Season with New Attractions and Over 170,000 Square feet of indoor Family Fun." This is definitely going on our family to-do list when the kids get a bit bigger. So even though we are far from the city lights this year, I wanted to share a bit of FUN via interenet with some fun games to get you in the spirit. This is really for the kiddos, but hopefully this season of toys, sledding, snowman building & hot chocolate (well, at least for those of you in the north!!) brings out the child in you as it does me. ENJOY! :) I'll also post this in a NEW link list so if you want to return with your kids it will be easy to find.
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p.s. upon visiting...would you mind posting a comment, even if it's just a 'hey, hi how are ya' so I can "get around" while I am out of my link lists. thanks.


Janelle said...

This is definitely the time of year when we miss our families the most too. It's just a "family-time" of year. I've been trying to focus on making it a special time for our little family here since we've not been able to go "home" for Christmas for the past couple of years. I guess it just means we're growing up. Sometimes it's a little sad! =) Hope you have fun sipping your hot chocolate as we sip our chocolate milk! =)

Tracy said...

I love the new look of your blog, and your talking about Chicago makes me miss it. I love Christmas time in Downtown Chicago -- riding the trolley all over town and seeing the window decorations has always been my favorites in Chicago. Although that Winter Wonderland at Navy Pier looks like it would be lots of fun with the kids.

Carrie said...

I've only been to visit Chicago once in my life (I don't care for city life one bit) - It was pretty but I can't take the traffic!

Beth said...

hey, hi how are ya? it's me... I'll def come back with Jonas and Ella to do the try the fun stuff you've posted! You're such a great blogging friend!