Thursday, December 06, 2007


I always enjoy finding and trying new recipes. But normally I look at what is at hand and whip something up. Usually it turns out just fine. Sometimes, I promise John I will never make it again. And yet once in awhile, a superb concoction reveals itself and has the perfect match of texture and taste that pleases everyone's palates. Well, ok, maybe I wouldn't go that far. But last nights dessert came out really, really good. So I'll share it in case you're looking for something relatively easy:

This candied orange peel gave it a gourmet flare. And I couldn't keep Drew's hands out of the dish.

1. Make Candied Orange Peel.
Bring 1c. water and 1/2 c. sugar to boil.
Peel 2 oranges with a vegetable peeler into long strips (just the orange skin---no white insides; they are bitter). Slice into thin strips.
Add peel to boiling sugar syrup and let boil for about 20 min. until soft and tender.
Remove to parchment paper until cooled. Dredge in 2 Tbs. granulated sugar. (this can be made ahead of time and stored in an airtight container/ziplock.)

2. Make syrup.
Add 1 Tbs. of fig preserves to reserved sugar syrup. (It has an orange flavor already which would be great without adding anything else). Stir until well mixed over low heat. Let cool. The syrup will thicken a little bit more.

3. Make Dessert
I used pound cake and spooned the syrup over it. Then added a dallop of freshly whipped cream (add 1Tbs. of powdered sugar before whipping to slightly sweeten. If I would have thought about it, I would have added some orange juice also to flavor it.) Garnish with a few slices of candied orange peel.


Drew's Breakfast Face

Lightly drizzle warm pancake with syrup. Cut into bite size pieces. (I am loving how quick & soft the frozen pancakes are. I'm all about short cuts right now!!) Dollop a bit of vanilla yogurt on top of each piece and top with a blueberry. Fun food is always a big hit!!!


Janelle said...

That does look so yummy and fairly easy too! I'll have to try to candied oranges! I love the little heart spoon too! You're becoming a regular gormet chef there!!! =) Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

What a beautiful picture! (the bowl) You know my favorite part? The SPOON! What's the story behind that? The pancake is great too! Yes, fun food does disappear the fastest.

Erin Neiner said...

Well, the spoon really holds the pivotal point in our see, the diamond ring I had dreamed of all my life was tied...JUST KIDDING!!!!! :)

Actually, no real huge signifigance. I got it at a place up in VT called Bennington Pottery; they are known for their dishes in the style of the yellow plate in the first picture. I am glad you like the bowl! :) It is one of my random vintage pieces that is filled with something different every time! I love it!

Liesl said...