Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tough Stuff


"don't mess with me!"

The child is officially potty trained, folks! Yeah for him (& his mommy!). He passed all the tests of wearing his underwear on various shopping trips, using the potty while at Walmart, the grocery store & church, and can pull his underwear up on his own! I think this calls for a celebration; well, at least a special treat---but NO M&M's, please! I don't want to see those for a LONG time!!! It was a long, arduous task, but well worth the effort! Maybe I'll go start on Jack, so I don't have to buy diapers for A VERY LONG TIME!!! (JK!)


drew's first mate

destination potty

(waiting for the right moment)

the hidden treasure

the sticker chart
(this was great at the start...but eventually became only wall decor)

song of victory !!

I'm a big kid, now!


Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Yeah! I get to be the first to congratulate the matey! Yo ho ho, Drew's gotta go! Now that you have successfully pottytrained him, you can focus on the other 8,583,393,939,184 things you need to teach him :) I am honestly dreading the potty training thing- so you and Stephanie can expect a few phone calls from me when Olivia's time rolls around. Way to go mom! I think that you deserve a white choco mocha latte for a job well done! Love ya! Leah

Tammy Schindel said...

That is HILARIOUS! Good job Drew! Good job Mommy! Love the pics-my favorite: hmmmm....they were all something else. But the two boys keeping each other company took the cake with me.

Jill King said...

There really isn't any down-time for mothers of toddlers, is there? Hope you won't have any stinky disasters like we have had recently. Just beware when he disappears to dark corners (I found Aubrey in the laundry room one day, grunting in front of the washer...too late!) But life with only one in diapers is definitely enjoyable, once you get past the paranoia stage of wondering if THIS trip will result in an out of the blue oops! =)

carissa said...

Yeah for you potty-trainer!!! I love the big-boy undies! :) I can't make that into a link, so just go to and that should take you there!
In each egg there is a: donkey, 30 pcs. silver, Cup from last supper, Praying hands, whip, crown of thorns, dice, nails, rock for tomb,linen, and EMPTY!!!
You're so creative, I knew you'd be the one to put a set together :)
Great to hear from you!!!

Ben and Carissa said...

I just started with Ethan 2 weeks ago!! I often think that it will be ok with me if he still wears diapers at 35!! What a task... for mommy!! I am so glad that you are finished. Good job mom!

Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

Dear Drew, You are so awesome! Now we can have undie wars this summer. I love pirates, too. When I pretend, I am Peter Pan, daddy is Captain Hook, Kate the dog is the crocodile, and my beautiful mommy is Tinkerbell! You and I can play pirates, too. Maybe both our mommies can be Tinkerbell and baby Gack can be Smee!!
Love, Canon

Dear Erin,
Congrats, it feels great, doesn't it? It is all down hill from here! Pretty soon, we'll be sending them off to college. sigh.

Erin Neiner said...

Dear Canon~
Undie wars would be fun!!! But my mommy said, no wedgies allowed!

Steph~ ah, yes. I do feel a bit like a conquerer now that this phase is over. On to the next thing, I suppose! Is it sooo rewarding because it is sooo challenging??? I am glad that part is over! I don't think I enjoyed one bit of PT-ing except the part of "victory!" Hopefully its all "down hill" from here! :)