Saturday, March 10, 2007

Irish Baby

[Invitations I made for my soon-to-be niece's baby shower]

As I write this, my family is all together back home for my sister's baby shower. Even though I was not able to fly out, I am there in heart! I remember how sad I was that my family wouldn't see me when I was pregnant (with Drew). And if my surprise shower wasn't enough, they brought out my special gift: my mom & sister Megan! They had secretly flown out to see me. I wish I could have "gotten them back" on this occasion, but not this time! We did, however, surprise my mom for Drew's 1st Christmas (2004)! She had NO CLUE we were coming. My dad even had to make up some lame excuse to get out of the house to pick us up from the airport! She had no clue until she walked in the room and there was Drew sitting under the tree. I think she said, "Who's kid is that???" I don't think it clicked until we jumped out and yelled SURPRISE! Anyway, I do miss not being with my family today, but hopefully soon we'll be heading out to Chicago!

This was Shannon back at Thanksgiving time when she was 4 months pregnant. She only has 6 weeks left now!


Conleys said...

those invitations are so cute. i wish i had an ounce of your creativity. this is a dumb question but what's with the "irish baby"? are either of your parents irish? i know what it's like to be away from family during monumental events. thankfully- blogging has helped us stay connected.

Erin Neiner said...

Ah, yes! My family, even though not 100% is VERY IRISH!!! We are all so proud of our heritage! Our names usually give it away: Sean Patrick, Erin Kathleen, Shannon Colleen, Megan Maureen, Ryan Patrick. Both grandparents on my dad's side were Irish...though I'm not sure the %. Plus, Shannon's husband is like 100% Irish I think. And originally the shower was going to be on St Patty's Day so it is an Irish theme. We're kind of crazy that way. But the shower had to be bumped a week early.

Tammy said...

Everytime we receive a christmas card and announcements for each of the boys, I am amazed at the talent and creativity the Lord has given you! Call me a pack rat, but I have saved them all! :)
I was at work today when I read your note about Chief Big Boy and Drew. When I got home tonight, I told Caleb about it. You should have seen him grin! Okay, you have to get a pic of Drew when mom finally helps him dress up after the potty training maybe? Oh boy, potty training! Andrew and Caleb were the hardest to train-we will be rooting for Drew....and you!

Conleys said...

That's so cool. We too have irish blood through my great-grandpa came from Ireland. Plus that, with a name like Shannon Conley (which of course I wasn't born conley - but people always forget that part) it implies Irish blood. Stephen's family name used to be Connelly but dropped it for convience. Anyways, that's our family history tidbit for those who care to know. :)

Conleys said...

p.s. we always wear green too on St. Patricks Day and someone Saturday said that at BJ they said to green means Catholic and to wear orange for Protestant - have you heard of that?