Thursday, November 30, 2006

The 9er Boys

OK, here's my last chance at getting the fall stuff blogged...before it hits December! Although it doesn't feel like December yet. It's been an unusually warm New England snow fall yet and today it was 60 out! But I am reminded by almost every house on our street (other than ours right now) that is decked out with Christmas lights that winter is right around the corner. And of course the Christmas music I have been playing for the last month has gotten me into the spirit. I threw all the "rules" out the window for that one a long time ago!

These pumpkin hats are made by "aunt am," John's sister. I made Drew's turkey shirt from an idea I saw in Pottery Barn Kids. Hope you all had a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!!!

[the not so happy pose]

thanksgiving contemplations

the happy turkey

[the squash]
thanks for the adorable shoes, Canon!


TwoMuths said...

Too cute! Those hats are adorable!! How is Amber, anyway? I was roomies with her at NBBC?

Debbie Griffin said...

Love those boys! They're adorable! I'm so glad you're doing so's tough adjusting to 2 babies after having only one to care for! And I have yet to get in the holiday spirit either, but thankfully there are so few houses around us, that our kiddos haven't noticed we're some on the only ones without lights, too! :-)

Shannon said...

Those pictures are great. I can tell Drew loves his brother!

Are you guys all going to the Yarnell wedding?

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Love the picture of Drew holding Jack :) Classis "rescue me" expression :) Love those punkin' heads too!!!

Anonymous said...

sooo cute! I showed Brent and he thinks Jack looks like his dad?? :) Great pics. Seems like you're adjusting well! Congratulations. I'm glad your mom was there. Hallelujah for their work and love. great to catch up with you.

Beth and Jason said...

Great shirt idea! Very cute! I love taking pics of the two kids together! Have fun.

Debbie Griffin said...

I can't get over how much Drew looks like your side of the family! Amazing!