Saturday, January 09, 2010

A New Bit of Fun

I stumbled across this fantastic resource of a site, called FREELY EDUCATE.
And the name speaks for itself.
It is chock-full of educational & fun links, lessons and ideas for children.

And while there, I found a golden nugget called, POISSON ROUGE.
An activity page, perfect for pre-schoolers & kindy-gardeners that entertained my boys (5 & 3) for over an hour! (with mom's watchful eye since they were on the new laptop!)

At first it seemed flat---one dimensional. But the discovering continued on & on! There are no directions, either. Just start clicking away and you'll soon figure it out.

Well, at least my 5 year old did. Sometimes, he figures things out better than I do, so I should speak for myself!

It did, however, have us all laughing and squealing with delight. And I only had to intervene one time---for a mousepad violation.



Richele said...

Sounds like you're having fun over there.

Ah yes, my boys surpassed me in tech-savvy-ness long ago -- and that's with a fifteen minute time limit.

Hope the youngest Neiner is back to his smiling self.

Tammy S. said...

Lori of Freely Educate, was a close friend from my college days--you will LOVE her blog. LOTS of great stuff! She is a wonderful christian gal who grew up as an MK from PNG. I just love her. Have fun browsing her blog--she has so much information to offer.
Hope that you all are doing fabulous!

Anonymous said...
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Erin Neiner said...

T-ah, yes. I remember now...kudos to YOU bc I found her link through you! :) can't wait to dive into her blog; I've only scratched the surface! what icing on the cake that she is a believer!