Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May Day

::happy may day::

:the promise of warm, spring air.

:celebrating mothers day; and my mother's birthday.

:the lazy days of summer are just around the corner.

:the sweet songs of the birds in the morning.

:the beginning of tag sale season.

:see here how to make your very own may basket.


S&s said...

okay, I do not know what is the matter with blogger. . .I tried several times this a.m. to leave you a comment and it would! not! let! me!!!


Anywho, I was so glad to see a fellow believer of May Day! Yay! Happy May day to you a day late;)

Ben and Carissa said...

Happy May Day to you! Sorry to hear about your unfortunate ice cream experience. I hate when they do that!! We have a ice cream place that does that all the time!! GRRRR! At least it is May, and ice cream season is just starting - but I guess we'll have to pay for it!!!

S&s said...

Hey Girlfriend!

Okay, I have to admit I did have to ask Steve what tagging meant for facebook;) I'll try to do that for you. . .I would love to see pictures of your basement. . .hint, hint. . .;)