Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Girls Day Out

Our "home-grown" missionary, ANNA, is home for winter break from teaching in China. So we had a girls afternoon out before she has to head back. We started out with lunch at our very new Panera Bread...so delicious!!! But no pictures. We were too busy devouring our food...once we decided what we wanted (right, Mere!).

Then we headed off to North Street in our fancy-smanshy downtown.
There are a couple of cool new stores that we were able to hit. The first one was TWIN HEARTS HAND WORKS which is, I quote, "a magic little store in an unexpected place! [Full of ]unique artisan made gifts and gorgeous over dyed wool and fibers." Then off to USBLUES WARE which is this great clothing store. The owner started out as an eBay seller and now has overflowed into a retail store. You can still find her on eBay here which is bursting at the seams with top of the line brands she picks up in NYC on the weekends. We had a blast trying on some of the unusual and way too cool stuff in there. The prices are still a bit steep for my pocketbook...but greatly discounted compared to the original.

And what better way to end a day of shopping with something hot to drink. On our way to the coffee lounge at the end of North St. we happened upon this strange wooden... "ART SHANTY???" This very one was actually in NYC and people would "stop in" and write a poem to hang on the wall.

So we had a try for ourselves. These poems were suppose to be about love...

We were already freezing and as you can see this shanty didn't provide much shelter and the metal table did not help...but it was fun. Meredith used a quote she came up with the other day, "Spring rain is a symphony in the garden." (sorry, Mere, if that's not exactly right...) and Anna pulled out a verse in Chinese dialect. I sketched out a love bird, of course.

And FINALLY a much needed HOT cup of....latte, cappachino, and caramel hot chocolate! We had TOO much fun getting these pictures!!!

Here's to a fun-filled afternoon with the girls!!! Thanks to my hubby who willingly watched the boys all afternoon!!! A cup of warmth to you today...

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Beth said...

cool Prada shoes!!!! looks like so much fun with the girls! love the last picture- made me feel so good :)