Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catch Up

Lots going on here but I wanted to do a teeny tiny bit of catching up. So this post is going to be kind of a mish-mosh of stuff going on.

~This last weekend 8 of us ladies headed down to CT for our annual ladies seminar at Emmanuel Baptist Church. There were over 400 ladies there this year and the 3 speakers did a fantastic job. I want to gather the highlights to post over at a slice of life (oh yeah, remember that blog??) plus a recommended book list. It was a much needed refresher and refocuser for my life right now.

~WE GOT A MAC!!! Ok, I know I'm a nerd, because I'm still typing on my PC. Right now the PC and Mac are neighbors. They don't quite belong in the same neighborhood, well, at least room, but the Mac is being understanding. But we are loving the Mac. It is truly amazing in every detail! Although it's mainly for John's graphic work, he is so kind to share it with me! :)

~Speaking of John, when I came home EXAUSTED from the ladies weekend, our kitchen floor was perfectly clean. I had postponed the washing of the floor too long with all the basement work going on. Needless to say...it was the best gift he could have given me! After the welcome home kisses, of course! ;)

~Basement. The study is nearly finished. John has everything wired, the cable is in for the internet, he put in a drop ceiling, and in a day's effort placed a floating wood floor. It is looking awesome. This room is our #1 priority so to get the office out of the dining room and John a quiet place to be able to work.

~IRONY: look who's baby brother is on the maranatha page talking about maranatha/northland rivalry. Look
HERE to see a picture of my not-so-little brother, Ryan. (The one in the yellow shirt cheering his heart out).

~Everything else is going toward celebrating VALENTINES DAY around here. Baking & decorating heart cookies, filling cupcake liners with candy, making candy cane hearts, painting hearts, finger print hearts, etc. We love to celebrate around here.

~Check out my brother/sister-in-law Doug & Crystal's web page and you'll get a glimpse of my adorable nephew, CODY as well!!! They are
HERE at pixelsandrubies. Doug designed their beautiful webpage.

~I think I may be skipping last weeks art page. The word was BALANCE. Lots I could do for it...just haven't even sat down to think about it. Maybe I'll play catch up later.

SORRY no pictures. If you made it this far...you get a **happy blogger reader award** from yours truly. {I admit, I often skip over the wordy posts to look for the eye candy first} :O) Hope you all are well. HAPPY HEART WEEK! Give some extra love this week to those around you. May we not forget how blessed we are to be surrounded by those we love & the ultimate gift of God's love.


S&s said...

I have to admit that I too usually skip over words and look for pictures first!! However, you are such a great writer that I find myself reading every word and not needing pictures;) Hope you 4 have a fabulous Valentine's Day. . .and can't wait to see pictures of the basement redo!

Beth said...

I'm also trying to be patient to see pics of the basement! I can be very patient though. It's already taken me a whole month working on Jonas' room and there's realy not much to show for it! oh well. What would there be to look forward to if not a project of some sort? :) I get so excited when I see that you're blog has been updated. Happy Valentines Day Eve
-(heart) your devoted fan