Tuesday, June 19, 2007

in full BLOOM

my very own P E O N Y
Upon moving into our home, I inherited a most lovely flower. It came not by way of most inheritances but rather left behind from years of green-thumb care. It was a mere 6 months before it revealed itself; we moved into this house in the fall and the buds didn't appear till late spring. It was love at first sight. Once I beheld its beauty firsthanded, I knew it was one of the most lovely things I could own. Whenever it is in full bloom, I always say to myself, "If we ever move, I am digging that up and taking it with us." But I may keep the legacy going and pass it on. Thankfully, I can just breathe in its beauty, and for now call it my own.
petals of beauty

the drooping peony in the light of the morning

I have about 15 blooms this year. In the past I have had up to 25 blooms!

promise of more to come


Kelly Glupker said...

Those things grow like crazy whether you take care of them or not. I had TONS of them at my house in Michigan. It was great because I didn't do a thing to them and they looked beautiful. They spread so much that I'm sure you can take some with you and leave plenty behind.

Kara said...

I am a friend of the afore mentioned Kelly G, and I love flowers! I was going to say what she did- you could always dig a chunk up and move it, but peonies do take a few years to establish. But they last forever. I love them, too!

Liesl said...


Erin Neiner said...

thank you, kelly & kara for your insight with peonies. i have often thought about moving it or splitting it but was afraid i would kill it off. i am glad to know that they are very resiliant. thanks!!!

Beth and Jason said...

Those really are beautiful! It reminded me of my wedding. My bouquet was all white peonies (very different from the bold all-colorful gerber daisies the brides maids carried). I love the lacy, old-fashioned look of them.

candy said...

i love photos of flowers! The pinks are very vivid! I really like reading your blog. The family photos are beautiful! 1 more year till we start ours!