Monday, June 04, 2007


WOW...It has been awhile and I have BLOG OVERLOAD with soooo much to blog about!!! A week ago we returned from a nice, loooong week of vacation visit with my family in Chicago (more specifically, Lemont!!!). I can't believe it, but we drove out!! It actually wasn't too bad. Although I can say that because John did most of the driving. We (john) drove through the night on the way out: we left friday night at 9pm and pulled into my parents driveway saturday at 2:30pm. What a trip! We had to pull over for a quick shut-eye break because John was reaching his limit (after driving for 7 hours straight after a full day of work). The nice part was that the boys slept for about 10 hours straight.On the way back we drove during the day and stopped at a hotel at night. That was definitly the more sane way to go! Well, enough babbling: here are the many, many pictures. (they'll be coming in chunks at a time) I was going to put them in a slideshow, but didn't have enough time (or patience) to figure it out. Enjoy:


This is a bean bag toss game my brother, Sean, made for my dad.
My dad painted it in none other than the great chicago baseball teams!

~And a nice little wash for the van that collected bugs across america~

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Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Ha! It sounds like you are just as good a co-pilot as I am :) When we drove from Phoenix to AL (never going to do that again), I had a horrible carpet burn on my arm from reaching in the back to help Olivia with stuff. Good thing those boys dozed for such a long time. Well-- I'm glad you are back, and I look forward to reading about your Chicago adventures!