Thursday, October 05, 2006


I am still pregnant! I had my dr. appt. today and I am officially 37 1/2 weeks. Just wanted to update all of you checking in to see if anything exciting has happened yet!!! Will keep you informed!!!

OK...We are getting a little too close for comfort and still trying to nail down a middle name for this little guy. Please add any suggestions (does not necessarily mean it will be chosen, but will be at least considered!) :)

Here are our choices:

First Name: "JACK", or "JACKSON"
Middle Name: ???

~i do like names with a good meaning.


Anonymous said...

I like the Name Jackson Timothy or Jackson Ray or Jackson James. I just love thoes names.

LMLogan said...

how bout
Jackson Henry
Jackson David
Jackson Robert

Sarah said...

Erin! How great to find you! you and John and family look wonderful! Where are you guys?
Happy Belated birthday!!!

TwoMuths said...

We had a horrible time picking out Aaron's middle name. We were in the hospital for 4 days and it was a good thing 'cause it took us that long to decide. It got to the point that we were joking about "Von" for all the kids so it would sound like "Von Muth" was their last names. Get out the baby name book!! :-)

Shyla said...

Hi Erin! I don't know if you remember me or not, but this is Shyla :) I married Nathan Rohrer 2.5 yrs. ago and We just had our first little baby on Mother's Day. His name is Jackson (for Stonewall Jackson) Chase (after my grandpa). Hope that you find a name that you like. We thought that we would call him Jack, but he's a jackson!! :) Whenever someone calls him Jack it sounds weird! We'll see what happens when he's older! Take care,