Friday, October 06, 2006

Baby Jack's Room

Here is my completed project of baby jack's bumper. (The crib is yet to be in this room because we have to disassemble first to fit it through the doorway) Notice also the finished product of our painting experiment(stripes!!) and some of the accessories that show the colors of the room.


Shannon said...

The room looks great & you did a great job on that crib bumper. Kudos to you for taking that on at 8 months pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Hello Neiners. Congratulations on the vivacious youngster and the one on the way. Watch out for those ferret, Erin.

Dan Parrott

TwoMuths said...

Hey, cute! Aaron has the same spring green & chocolate in his room! The bumper looks great!!

John Neiner said...

Hey Dan,
Great to hear from you! How in the world are you? Would love to get in touch!---get my email address at

Annoying Man,

Tricia said...

Nice job Erin!