Thursday, September 21, 2006

Doug & Crystal's Wedding

The Bride & Groom
John's brother, Doug, married Crystal on 8.4.06. in PA.
They are now living in the Berkshires (near us)
where Doug is continuing to build his business
(check out "Pixel" on my links) and serving as the
music leader in our church. Crystal plays the flute
beautifully and adds much sweetness to the family!

DREW: the ring bearer

august 4, 2006
our 5th anniversary
[at Doug & Crystal's wedding]


Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Do you guys have the same anniversary as Doug and his wife? I didn't put two and two together. That's neat :) They can help remind each other of the big day.

I'm really not a computer junkie--even though I've sort of been hanging out in blogs here and there all day. Thursdays are my "computer work" days because of the English Conversation class we need to prepare for-- and the blogosphere makes for a good 2 minute break from it all :)

Erin Neiner said...

Yes---we do share the same anniversary! The date just worked out best for them and we didn't mind. It was actually kind of neat to be at a wedding on our anniversary---brought back the sweet emotions!

NorthernChic said... are so cute pregnant! And Drew is adorable!! I always got the scoop on you and saw the new "family pic" on Leahs fridge, but since she is 2000 miles away from me now, she has introduced me to the blog world. It is so fun...I can't believe it is yet another Northland pal to reunite with!! Look me up and give me a shout:) Nice to find ya!

Liesl said...

Erin, What a happy family you have--congrats on the new one to come! So glad to get in touch with you through the blog--pretty cool! Lukus saw it too, and says hi to your husband. Enjoy the ministry and your family!

Dad9er said...

What a beautiful family. I'm so glad you are so close and that you are serving the Lord here in Pittsfield.

LMLogan said...

welcome to the blogging world!! so great to see how you guys are doing!! are you going to yarnell's wedding? hopefully I can see you all there!! :)

Erin Neiner said...

Hey Logan's,

Yes...we sure are going to Yarnell's wedding! John is one of the groomsmen and Drew is one of the ring bearers! We will certainly see you there (with our new little bundle of joy!)