Friday, September 29, 2006

Birthday Morning [9.23.06]

a sure sign that my birthday is on it's way

BIRTHDAY MORNING: I woke up to the sounds of two busy bees working away in the kitchen (it was mainly Drew talking). The aroma of french toast wafted in and caused me to arise unusually swift. As soon as I was heard I was bombarded by my son who came to say "Come find the bills!" Hmmmm? I usually understand his language, but this time I was in the dark! Drew led me out into the Living Room which started an array of crisp, brand new one dollar bills randomly taped to the walls throughout the house! Of course, he immediately wanted to help me out with gathering my gift! (I don't know how John held him off that long!) This was Drew's gift to Mommy for the new shoes I had been eyeing for awhile! I think he enjoyed the stickers that held up the bills...what do you think?

Drew collected the stickers while mommy collected the Dollar bills.

My New Sewing Machine
from my husband
There is a story of sorts as to why I received a sewing machine for my birthday. For those of you who know me at all you might be kind of shocked that I would have received such a gift. Don't worry, it's not one of those gifts where "husband" had no clue (you know, the "toaster" gift----of which I have never received anything but great gifts from John!). So this is kind of what started me on the thought of wanting a sewing machine. Let me start by saying I am certainly way in over my head this time!!! We decided to make the nursery out of the third bedroom instead of moving Drew around. Well, his room is dark blue, light blue and his baby bumper was all boy---all blue. Well, with this baby, we wanted to go a little more neutral for the nursery in case the Lord decides to throw a girl into our family down the road. Anyway, so instead of buying a whole new bumper, I thought..."Hey, I could just make a slip-cover of sorts for Drew's bumper! No sense in wasting something that hardly looks used!" So that is where it all started...and of course, I had to pick new colors and a new theme...the whole works! And after all that, the colors are still quite masculine...brown, green & cream...ooops!! But I just saw some bedding in Pottery Barn kids magazine that was pink, brown and green...and it looks very feminine. Whew! If we get a girl next, I'll just throw in some pink and we should be all set!! (and I cannot believe my screen that I'm talking about #3 right now...I'm at the point of saying, "I don't ever want to be pregnant again! I just want to feel normal!!!" ) JK-it's not that bad! But I don't really want to think about it for awhile!!! I will later post some pictures of the final products!!! (hopefully they will be postable!)

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