Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas...

What a reward for a full & busy day of homeschooling around here :: Look what ended up in my mailbox today!!! My new HOLIDAY magazine by Matthew Mead. I am finally getting to sit down with my cup of chai to have a short time before I pillow my head to slowly drift through the pages of a winter wonderland.

*on a side note: my smart phone has cool buttons like these ~<>€£¥•{}#%^*. But it cannot upload pictures from my camera roll to my blog?!?!?! (edit. picture added from the laptop. still need to figure the phone thing out, though.)

Oh, and always be sure to double check your spelling corrections. When I was texting my sister I typed "ooooooh" and it auto corrected it to "pooped!!!" What in the world??!! Good thing it was my sistah!

p.s.   Come back later for a sneak peak inside HOLIDAY. I couldn't put it down! 


Richele said...

My cheeks hurt from laughing about your auto-correct.

Enjoy your maggie :)

Mary Ann said...

Yeah, that auto correct can really get ya! I have typed a status update to fb with my iphone & had it come out all crazy, too. That's embarrassing :-)
Love, love, love the looks of your Holiday book! Share your new inspirations, pretty please!

Tammy S. said...

You are hilarious. :) and I despise auto-correct for that very reason.

me said...

The magazine looks beautiful, like the kind of magazine that makes you hurt when you bend the pages back to read it. I seriously want to know how you do it, Erin. I need a life-coach to help me in all things mother/domestic. :)