Tuesday, May 25, 2010

five & twenty

Okay, already. I get the hint(s).
I will no longer subside my lame excuses for yet another delinquent post.
I do have reasons, good ones at that.
But there really is no valid excuse.
Just the own I like to conjure up in my head, like everyone was sick, so sick, for a week straight.
And we are packing and cleaning and purchasing and planning for a very special trip happening in just a couple of days. Or it is oh, so gorgeous out and we'd rather be outside playing with the frog we found and filling up the little pool to splash in the cold water. Yes. All those, that make me feel better about the 75 posts in iPhoto that would love to make their debut onto blogger.

But then life happens, and there they stay. And posts like this give me the catch up reason to overload you all. Just saying.

OK. I was tagged, by one of my favorite B-loggers for the *random 25*:::::and boy, am I random. Here ya go, in my very own personal style.

Even though I am a mid-westerner at heart, I now without thought, call that fizzy, sweet stuff SODA. And we don't go to garage sales....we go to Tag Sales!

John and I love fine cheeses and enjoy trying out new ones all the time.

Anytime my husband wants to use the expression for something that is "alot" he uses the number 75. (75-hundred, 75-million, etc.)

I love. love. love. journals (maybe even more than the actual journaling). Right now I am currently filling in at least 8 on-going journals. (mind you, some are yearly, some are daily, some are seasonal, some are 'whenever.')

I love hunting for a good find. 2nd hand, tag sales, flea markets...you name it. Which brings me to...

I love. really love. vintage. Metal wire baskets, hand-made pottery, printed oilcloth, skeleton keys, apothecary jars, grosgrain ribbon, milk glass, etc.

I married a fantastic artist. Yet, we have very little of his art on display (shameful, and on the to-do list. we talk about it all the time, and then never get to it. But oh, the love letters I have in my possession..........)

The boys and I are in a "garden club" this summer, where a small group is joining together to plant and care for a 20x24 foot ready-rich soil of a widow friend. I have learned to use a roto-tiller and have enjoyed some of her plenteous rhubarb.

When first married I always signed my last name "9er." My blog is named Finer Neiners. And we want to have 9 children. (*ha. just kidding about that last one. but more power to you if you do!)

I love dark chocolate and my very favorites are Lindt's 70% bar, Ghiradelli 60% chocolate chips, Ritter's chocolate covered biscuit and Nutella.

My favorite flowers are hydrangeas & peony's. But there are so many I really do love. And I started teaching the boys the names of the flowers by putting it to a little jingle. (*they know forsynthia, roses, tulips, daffodils and we just learned iris today)

For the past two months I have been working out 2 mornings a week w. some friends at the local YMCA doing the Boot Camp workout. Oh boy. That's been fun! Just this morning we did a total of 150 push-ups! (yikes)

Drew just opened a peppermint stick and said, "These make me feel good, because they remind me of Christmas." I love the way he communicates things.

One of my very favorite finds is our black bench (see pics below). It is rustic, scratched around the edges and originated on a farm house. The arm rests are chewed up from a dog. And I just love it. John surprised me with it after it was spotted but still being considered and paid for it with our year's worth of pocket change! (save those pennies).

I live in the same area as James Taylor (*met he & his wife a few years back while I was working), Eric Carle (*who I am quite sure I saw the other week---but didn't stop to ask him), and others past such as Emily Dickinson, Norman Rockwell, Herman Melville.....and quite sure many I am forgetting.

I just started a new book on organizing. It is called Sink Reflections. I have only read the first 2 chapters, but it has already revolutionized my kitchen sink flow. And given me more "counter space."

I have lost my keys. Cannot find them. It has been 2 weeks now.

My dream is to start a creative shop w. John. We have started an etsy shop, selected a name, but nothing in the shop yet. And not going to announce that "baby" until we're good and ready.

I started a sticker collection of the little stickers that come on fresh fruits and vegetables.

My husband has started telling the boys *mystery man* stories. He completely makes them up and they are some of the best stories ever, little jingle included. Mystery man is the best super hero ever!

tWenty oNe
I have an ever-growing collection of re-usable shopping bags. Every color, every size. Any other part of this country on board with this "reuse" system or is it just us in new england?

tWenty tWo
I really want to do a 'lovely-gift' gift exchange, since I missed out on "Oh, Hello There" 's. Anyone want in on it?

tWenty tHree
I am very afraid of making pies, but I feel like Alexander the Great when it comes to making chocolate cakes.

tWenty fOur
I have been drinking green tea + honey in the morning and coffee (sweet & creamy) in the afternoon and evenings.

tWenty fIve
AND, last but not least, I-we-are learning so much this year. The Lord has allowed some challenging times which has brought an abundance of joy and has shown us His wonderful grace and endless provision in so many unexpected ways, for which we are glad.

AND some "75" pictures, for no apparent or maybe a little bit of a reason::::::::::::::

[and there you have it]
*sorry for the visual distaste of the photo layouts. they were placed so neatly in rows while creating this post and then....oops, blogger had another idea about it. also, please excuse my lack of linkage. if you have any questions about specifics, just ask. these are all my own pictures, however. in case you were wondering.
so long. for now.


Andrea said...

This was great and very amusing! I hope you have a great time in Chicago!

joeandkris513 said...

I hardly know you, but I love you and I miss when you're not posting. I wish we were next door neighbors!
The picture of Caiden and Sophie is adorable!

{B} said...

you are so cool;-)

okay, I have so many things to comment about......

here goes--and I totally know you will understand everything even though it is a "short list" of sorts, because, well, we're just such great friends;-)

+ dark chocolate, I knew we were buds!
+ favorite flowers--mine too!
+ 150 push ups. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY??????!!!!! I barely make it through 5!!!!! ;-(
+ 9er, Bray9..... I tell ya, if we are alike in one more way.........
+ Eric Carle--so incredible!
+ find those keys;-)
+ number eighteen: yessssssssss!
+ number twenty-two: totally on board!

thanks so much, friend, for "doing your homework"--loved this post tons!

Richele said...

Okay, I am truly blessed to know you and happy to say that I knew more than half of your randomness (and not via your blog).

; ) missed us on #15!

huge thumbs up on the photos.

Will miss U 75!

Chastity Gomez said...

LOVEd the post and feel like I now know you better:)

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, Erin. You have such a creative eye to see the beauty in everyday living. When God was passing out the "creative" brains I think you got mine, too (and probably a few others). Between you and John, your boys are going to be AMAZING...all of you giving glory to our wonderful Creator!!
Love in Christ,
Mrs. Blain

Janelle said...

I too love your "eye" for photography!!! LOVE looking at your pictures!!! Wish I had just a bit of your creativity!!!!

Enjoyed reading your random-ings! I kept thinking to myself, "I'm not sure I could think of even TEN random things about me!!!" Hehe! You are such a fun, creative, and inspiring person and I'm priviledged to know you!!!! :)

Loraena said...

yay! I love these kinds of posts! And oregon is HUGE for "reduce, reuse, recycle". I wasn't really on board when we first moved here, but it has definitely rubbed off on me! now I'm all about thrifting & recycling and want to get better at reusing/upcycling!

Lazy Apples said...

Oh my, we have more in common than I ever knew! We have to get together! I totally want in on a package exchange. Ohhello still hasn't organized theirs :( So I have all sorts of things ready to go. I was going to host one myself this summer.

I'm working on the cheese post for you during rory's nap times. It should be done by the time she is 10 or so.

AnneB said...

enjoyed the post...reading sink reflections as well...enjoying the progress and extra time it frees up. However, I hate the name 'control journal'...:):)