Friday, October 16, 2009



THREE CHEERS for Grandma Quinn who is flying in tomorrow for the week. One of the best parts of having a baby is a week long visit from my mom!

And what better timing. For what a week it has been!

-being without heat for a couple of days due to getting a new furnace.
-the mess that comes with getting a new furnace.
-no husband for a few days due to a complementary trip to BJU.
-the dishes and laundry and dusting that have found themselves quite at home here.
-at some point the ball pit came out this week. I guess at the moment I thought it was a good idea.
-somehow my newborn baby grew to be 11lbs. already???!!!???

All that said, a visit from my mom is quite welcome!

And, Carrie, I cannot at the moment comment on your question, "How are you adjusting to three?" I'll have to get back to you on that one...maybe in a few years! :)

But I DID watch a good movie the other night while John was away. I {heart} Louisa May Alcott and a movie based on her book, An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving just came out. It is completely in sync with Little Woman, but a different story line and perfect timing for the season. It is sweet and lovely. The perfect movie to watch with a cup of warm apple cider in your hand and a big blanket on your lap. (it's getting to be that time of year!) AND, if you have a redbox's only a $1.00 luxury! Watch the trailer HERE.


S said...

so glad your mom is getting to get for a week. mom's are the best!! and thanks for the movie recommendation- we never find anything worth watching but I love Little Women type stuff.

Chastity Gomez said...

Definitely going to get that movie- sounds so cozy for these cool fall days! and enjoy all the help:) Too bad it couldnt last forever:)!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan for fall break with Amanda next week...but could you send some GOOD New England apple cider; they just don't make it the same down here :-)
Mrs. B.
Caiden is adorable!