Saturday, July 11, 2009


2 babies born this week!!!

1. My friend, Steph and her sweet baby boy who was born on monday: CAEDMON OLIVER
***also, check out her GREAT post on baby products!

2. And a new cousin for me (that's AUNT just had a baby!) My forever young aunt Becky with her precious new one just one day old: ISABELLA ROSE

I have been prompted to be thinking more & more about our OWN baby coming!!! He will be here somewhere in the timeframe of 2 and a half months! That is NOT very far away! So as we are still pondering and hashing out boys names I am considering THE NURSERY. In no way do I desire to redo the nursery, since it's in baby boy fashion. However, there is something I like about it being unique for each baby. We were able to completely start fresh with Jack since he started in a new room. But this *baby* will be taking over Jack's room and Jack makes the move in with Drew (interesting times ahead, no doubt). SO, I am contemplating adding some new splashes of color. But while I am pondering, planning and consulting my husband, I thought I'd share this great idea I may just steal!

You can check out JennSki's fun & funky art at her etsy shop and her scrapbooking line can now be found at Michaels! That's where you can find these great alphabet cards to make the canvas art in the photo above! Click here for a full tutorial by tiny Decor.


Katie Barker said...

I definitely love the idea. I saw someone use the letter's as a border around the room as well about 3/4 of the way up the wall. Either way - I definitely like it. It transitions nicely to a todler room too. I'll look forward to pictures of whatever you decide.

Richele said...

Yipee for new babies!

How about some of John's artwork printed in large format - with matching stuffed dolls and animals as well!

Chastity Gomez said...

How exciting- LOVE when new life enters this world! Cant wait to see your new little one!

sara's art house said...

OK- I LOVE that ABC board!!!

So glad you commented on my blog- it has been awhile since I have visited you, and I need to do it often! You always have something creative going on!

I like the sound of your bookshelf idea. I would totally just use the mod podge to glue it on first - let dry - and then put more coats on top. I have done this to the fake wood before and it has worked out fine.