Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Poem

I know, I know. Christmas is over, officially. Although I'm never one to take down all the decorations the day after Christmas. I like it to linger. (although this year, I'm losing that feeling quickly!) So I won't feel bad for sharing this wonderful poem that was the theme for our church Christmas program this year. It is so special because my mother-in-law wrote it years ago. And more recently my brother-in-law put it beautifully to music. 

by: JoAnne Neiner

Do you know what I ponder as Christmas draws nigh,
I ponder my Saviour born willing to die,
I look past the shadow of our Christmas tree,
A cross and it's shadow looms quite vividly.

While gazing and wondering my heart finds so much
To remind and be transformed by Jesus Christ's touch.

Do you see the tree, evergreen, ever fair?
I see the Christ, changeless still, ever there.

Do you see the cranberries, popcorn, on strings?
I see provision that serving Him brings.

Do you see the lights sparkling bright, sparkling clear?
I see the Light of the World hovering near.

Do you see the ornaments, some purest white?
I see my heart He made clean in God's sight.

While the world glories in baubles and cheer,
My full heart marvels why God sent Christ here;

To save us; to keep us; to change us within;
To be His ambassadors; lost souls to win.

This Christmas, not dazzled by mere glitt'ring dross,
I look to the Babe and His Shadowing Cross.

Copyright 2002

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Anonymous said...

You have a most wonderful mother-in-law (I know you know that:) I would love to hear that song - I'm sure it's beautiful! I don't blog, anymore - I've transferred to facebook. I can keep up with my boys (and grandchildren!) that way. Have a great New year! Love, Mrs. Blain