Monday, September 22, 2008

A New Day. A New Year.

{birthday girl by: a.blake}

It's 9:23pm.
Which is symbolic to my date of birth: 9.23
Thus, the urgency to post, on the eve of my birth date.

I have already enjoyed a traditional 9er family party, complete with all of Mom's appet. fixings & the goodness of Crystal's fabuloso carrot cake drenched in cream cheese icing. And a surprise visit by my friend, Richele and her fam. Today John deemed it "sleep in morning" since we were out so late last night. John worked and Drew had school. While Jack napped, John went outside with Drew to work on the new fort. This is very exciting in our house right now. While the boys were laboring away, I went out. All. by. myself. I love being a mom. I love my boys. But sometimes, I really love to go out by myself. To think. To take my time to look things over. To gather my thoughts and gain perspective.


I am completely cursed and doomed. Because the moment I think, "I really love having my quiet time to myself & can't wait..." I am saddened by the thought of a quiet home and grown children & reminded about the millions of women who have told me, "Enjoy them...they grow sooo fast."

So I won't think about the fact that I am ONLY 29!!!! Even though, I sometimes have a hard time swallowing that pill. Someone said, "YOU'RE SOOOO YOUNG!!!!" which made me feel better. Maybe it's because there are days where I realize I should be acting more like a 29 year old. :) And some days I still feel like I'm trying to figure this whole world of *wife & mother* out. But nonetheless, I have one more full year of *blooming* before I am officially the big 3-0. So, even though I've come a long way from high school days and college times, I have a full year of learning and growing ahead of me. But, then, don't we all?

I remember the first time LIFE really hit me. It was on my high school senior trip and it was our first night in Europe. (yeah, I know...lucky me! I dream about going back someday). We were hanging around our hostile and there were some random German kids hanging out. There was substantial evidence of the difference of our cultures, if you know what I mean. But I was mesmerized by them. I couldn't get over the thought of, "Why isn't that me? I so easily could have been placed anytime, anywhere in the world. But here I am. I am living my life. I am me." Have you ever had that *out of body* experience where you seem to be viewing your life as an outsider? Well. Anyway. It was that moment where my view of life really brought my perspective to full stop & with that came abounding thankfulness for the Lord's gift of life and providential placement of this little life of mine. I too easily get caught up in this vapor of my life. And I have had so many reminders of the frailty and brevity of our lives. But, hopefully, with that comes great depth, and influence, and impact, and love. Great love of giving oneself. I hope I do that. And to continue to do more of that each and every one of my little ol' life that I am given.
But now, NOW. I am going to go have a hunk of that carrot cake currently sitting in my fridge, waiting to be devoured. And maybe I'll go for a birthday jog tomorrow, so I don't feel so *o.l.d.*

Happy Birthday to ME. Because, well, it's my post after all!!!


Tricia said...

Happy birthday to you is right! Hope you enjoy a wonderful day. I didn't realize that you're almost a whole year behind wonder I was so much more mature in college. (imagine me laughing) Right! =)

Abby Sokul Turner said...

Enjoy 29 - 30 isn't so bad - I've been donig that for almost a year now. Have a WONDERFUL birthday and enjoy your time with yourself, with your family, and friends!!!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Erin - you have always been an encouragement,and inspiring lady in my eyes. I think you are a great mom and wife. Plus you take time to enjoy your talents and God's creation instead of getting caught up with the time wasters of this world. Happy 29th year of your life.

loraena said...

Do you know the REAL sign you're getting old?? When you FORGET how old you are! Last week I told someone I was 28! A couple of hours lately, I realized "NO, I am actually 29!"

Glad you had a great birthday! Enjoy your last year as a 20something. =)

Richele said...

He chose you and set you from the womb...whoah, Erin! When we moved to Pittsfield, I told the Lord of my longing for a friend. Encouraged to pray specifically, I asked Him for a sister willing to break their alabaster flask, to pour out all they have - their whole being for Him.
I count it a supreme privilege to serve Him to the end with you!

Jaimee said...

Well, first, let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Second, THANK YOU for all your kind words on my blog. They mean more than you know. The encouragement keeps me going. It's not easy being Mommy/Artist and it's nice to be appreciated as both :)

And I SOOO wish I was there to share that Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Icing!!! MY FAVORITE!

Erin Neiner said...

THANK YOU ALL, for my wonderful, sweet wishes! It was a FANTASTIC birthday and week! (I love milking it for what it's worth!)

skB said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I am so mad at blogger! I tried leaving you a comment on your birthday and it was being naughty and would not cooperate!!!!

Boo on them! ;)

I hope that you had a splendid birthday!