Thursday, August 28, 2008

POPPING IN just for a breath of air.

This picture really has nothing to do with this post, I simply just love it. John took it on his iphone back in May while we were perusing around one of our favorite little towns and Jack was investigating the RR tracks. Completely safe, by the way! 

Maybe in some small way this is how my summer has felt. Like a racing train going here and there but yet when inside all seems well and [relatively] quiet and smooth. We have had many, many adventures still to be documented via blogger. 

On a personal note: I am without easy internet access now. I am currently hiding out in John's office typing away on his mac while he is out for a meeting and the boys are still in slumber land. The laptop has been my source of access which I have around and can get on and off easily when needed during those few quiet moments in my day. But, alas, the laptop decided it was going to burn out on me (the back light of the screen), so currently I am without easy access.  So, there's my excuse of being so [lazy] for lack of better terms in keeping up with my blog. Most of my pictures are up on facebook, but there's "so much more" behind-the-scenes stuff I want to document before I forget all those ooey-gooey details. 

THIS MONTH for me will consist of  holding on to the last days of summer as our mornings and evenings are cooling off and the trees are already showing signs of fall, a possible weekend trip to NYC as a family, and getting the final things ready for teaching Drew K4 at home. 

Like I said, much more documentation and photos to come.  Hope you are all well [whoever 'you all' may be] and enjoying your www-summer!!!!

(and can anyone who uses a mac tell me how to get the underline off??? command+U is NOT working!!!!!) 

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Tammy S. said...

I always LOVE your pictures Erin! Hope that you all are doing well.