Monday, June 16, 2008

Through the Woods

John had a looong meeting after church and out of pure desperation, I decided to take the boys on a stroll through the neighboring woods. It was a perfect evening and we visited "our" apple tree, ran in the open field, neighed at the fenced in horse, scared away a fox, gathered some redwood pinecones, met the neighbors black lab, and crossed over the brook (thanks to the tiny, rustic bridge and 2 very intruiging boys there are no photos of that). I could tell the boys just loved being out exploring in NATURE and it was great to just let them roam while getting some fresh air in the cool evening.

The sweetest thing: I am sooo glad I videoed this. Especially since Jack hardly holds my hand long enough to cross the street these days. But his big brother, well, that's another story.


Charity Burkett said...

Very cute pics and video. I just love nature pictures. Isn't it crazy how much kids love to be outside?

Loraena said...

I can certainly relate to those looong meetings! Josh definitely has his fill of those. =)

Love the pic of you and Jack at the top of your site!

Sara said...

SOOOOO sweet, Erin! You will be so thankful for that video clip someday. Is Drew more of the cuddly/sweet one? Just wondering since you said jack rarely holds your hand these days. My sister in law with three boys has the same thing with her oldest (who is now 7). Just wondering if it's a first child thing. Hope Gage stays sweet little Mama's boy-I'll die if I lose that! And Gage's head is certainly lopsided. I'm not thinking there is much I can do to fix that. Poor thing. I may just teach him that his is perfect, and everyone else's is messed up... :)

Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

Ohh, I LOVE these pictures! The first on is my favorite! Please have that printed and enlarged and GET IT ON YOUR WALL!!!

Momma Val said...

I absolutely LOVE these pictures. I think they are very natural and so unposed and fabulous. Can't stand every picture being posed and at Sears or something. These are the most darling pictures. Yeah!