Sunday, May 06, 2007


SATURDAY (5.5): My intentions were to take the boys to the Library after we dropped John off at work. But Jack fell asleep in the van before our destination. It was too beautiful of a day to spend it all indoors anyway. So we ventured here and there, really no where in particular, but seeking out what the great outdoors had waiting for us to discover. We live in western MA among some of the beautiful country so different from the flat plains of the midwest I grew up among. This was, of course, all from the window of our van. I wasn't quite spontaneous enough to actually get out! It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we had a lot of fun on our little adventure.
My Co-Pilot inTraining
(don't worry, this was actually after a feeding stop)

Just up our road overlooking the Berkshire hills

Mommy & Jack

A fresh water spring

Ahhh, the Farmers Market. This says to me, "SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!"

Forsynthia on fire with color.

One of the local farms

And, yes, buffalo!!

[oops, my husband just informed me these are NOT buffalo. he thinks they are long horned steer, or something. guess which one of us is the city slicker!]

Two of them, whatever they are.

Pixel on for the ride

This is downtown Pittsfield, north street. The significance of this picture is that my husband designed those awnings! I wish I had a before picture because they were so run down.

It is cool to see something that was once up on our computer screen in its finished state.

Some sweet possibility of bouldering rock down our road.

A creek with a bunch of branches. It just looked cool.

And to finish off our day, a stop at none other than TARGET!!!


Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

Drew is so tall! Are the pictures misleading? He looks like he is 4 or something! He will tower over Canon -- a mere 27 pounds and 37 inches! I love how he poses at Target for you - Canon is in the "don't take my picture phase" right now. We can't seem to get any good posed shots!

Erin Neiner said...

I just pulled out drew's record book. He is 38" and 31.5 lbs. Not too much difference at all, especially in height! I think the pictures are misleading because I cropped them! And don't be too fooled, there was a lot of persuading going on to get him to "pose!"

kiltsandthistles said...

Hey Erin, JoyAnna here, they look like Highland cattle. Check this picture out I saw these guys when I was in Scotland last fall.

Lance B said...

Erin, This isn't going to be much of a "comment," but...

I'm sitting in the airport in Charlotte, NC, waiting to fly to JFK, then on to Columbus. Hams on their way to DC to pick up Grandma. Noreen and boys on their way to Atlanta to see her Dad and her brother's family. It's so nice to see pictures of our friends so far away. Hi to PJ for me. And give those cutie pies (cuties pie?) a big high five and a hug for me.


Erin Neiner said...

JOYANNA: thanks for the info about the cattle. that would be really cool if they were of Scottish descent! I would have NEVER guessed that!

LANCER, thanks for "visiting!" Sounds like you guys are all over the globe right now!! I am glad you got to see all the whereabouts to remind you of your old home!! The only thing missing from the Farmers Market picture is Noreen!! Hope you guys are all well! Are you travelling for business now??