Tuesday, December 26, 2006

...Christmas Day

Drew as "Chef Souffle" A friend from college, Kristi Colas, visited our church recently to share her plan to go to France as a missionary. She had a chef puppet that helped answer the questions & share some French facts. It was so adorable and the kids just loved it! Since Drew has met the Chef, everytime he sees anything that resembles a chef, he calls it "Chef Souffle!!" I was thrilled to find this little hat and apron so he can help mommy in the kitchen so we can cook like Chef Souffle! He says he wants to go to France to visit him someday.

The infamous "put together" toy!

Drew helping daddy making the Chex Mix.

John is collecting the Justice League superheros.
The artist in him loves the stylized look that DC Comics has made them. The frame he is holding is a sheet of the comic superhero stamps that I framed for him.

Jack and his new Elmer elephant.
Some great visual stimulation going on here!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like great fun! We were alone at home for Christmas this year and it was a great time. Isn't Christmas getting more fun as the kids get older? I love it!

Jill King said...

Hey,Erin! Aubrey got the same Chef Souffle get up for Christmas. Too bad Drew doesn't have a pony tail to hang out the back of the hat! =)